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Summer Events farewell!

Thank you to everyone who came to see the Circus Farm!

In spite of the slightly dodgy August weather the events I have been to have been really lovely. They are made special by the people who come to say hello and take home some Circus Farm goodies and all the people who just stop and smile!  Special thank you to everyone who got soggy (and muddy!) at Buckham Fair but still had a smile on their faces!

River Cottage Festival last weekend was an absolute joy.  The Bank Holiday weather was exceptional and RCHQ is in the most beautiful spot.  The vibe of the festival was laid back with the best food ever as you’d expect.

Hoping to do a couple of Christmas events and now gearing up for Top Drawer Trade Fair in January.  The sun is shining so its still summer for now!




On Tour 2017

It’s the summer season of festivals, shows and fairs again, lovely picnics and lots of fun.  So I am out and about with the Circus Farm goodies again this year.  Would love to say hello so

Sherborne Country Fair……………Mon 29th May (Bank Holiday)  click here for more

Buckham Fair…………………………..Sun  20th August click here for more

River Cottage Festival……………….Sun 26th August – Mon 27th August (Bank Holiday) click here for more

Wiltshire Game & Country Fair….Sat 23rd September – Sun 24th September click here for more

Pop up stalls on their way, see you there!

Mother’s Day Treats

Really feeling spring like now, I think it was actually a warm sunny day yesterday in Dorset!  With Mother’s Day on the horizon and Easter not far away Allegoric has lots of lovely treats and springy things to take your fancy.


I have bunnies, chickens and eggs. The gamboling lambs have also caught my eye so there could be a cheeky lamb on the way too.  They seem to be in every field all of a sudden, jumping around and generally being a bit bonkers, and very cute.

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