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Circus Farm Summer, Sun and Picnic Fun

I think summer has arrived and hopefully here to stay for a while.  With all this gorgeous sun, Buttercup the Balancing Cow Apron is getting some outdoor action as the BBQ gets some use.

Already 2 events into the summer season (Cuckoo Fair, Wiltshire and Sherborne Country Fair, Sherborne Castle) and both had fabulous weather.  The Circus Farm is getting out and about with our al fresco dining and picnic fun as well as the events.  Jugs, mugs, coasters and placemats being used for homemade lemonade, coffee in the garden, catching cold wine drips and picnic food that goes astray! The next event the Circus Farm will be at is Buckham Fair in Dorset.  Hoping the weather will be kind once more, it’s so lovely to see people smiling in their summer clothes and sitting on the grass.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Long may we enjoy this great summer sun and picnic fun!

Jessy the Easter Egg Juggling Chicken

Easter is on the way mmmm chocolate eggs 🙂  As I have been dabbling in a bit of lino cut printmaking recently I thought I would give Jessy the Juggling Chicken the print treatment with an Easter twist.

When I did the original pen and ink sketch for her design I was having a particular busy time and so juggling whilst on a tightrope seemed quite appropriate and could easily be a metaphor for my cookings skills –  juggling ingredients and hope for the best!

Jessy Juggling Chicken Circus Farm

Jessy Juggling Chicken Original pen sketch for the Circus Farm

So I transferred the image to the lino and got cutting, a lovely relaxing thing to do!

Jessy Chicken Linocut Print Circus Farm

Jessy Chicken Linocut Print beginnings of the lino cut (Circus Farm)

…and the finished lino

Jessy Juggling Chicken Final Linocut (Circus Farm)

Jessy Juggling Chicken Final Linocut (Circus Farm)

I then started playing with the inks and made some stamps for the Easter eggs and did several proofs playing with different paper stocks and a wooden spoon as I don’t have a press… a fun start, I’ll definitely have another play at printmaking with the Jessy Chicken linocut again sometime.

Jessy the Easter Egg Juggling Chicken Printmaking Proofs

Jessy the Easter Egg Juggling Chicken Printmaking Proofs


Jessy the Easter Egg Juggling Chicken (Circus Farm)

Jessy the Easter Egg Juggling Chicken (Circus Farm)


Jessy the Juggling Chicken original design features on (click to view) mugs, tea towels, placemats and coasters 

Mother’s Day Flowers from Bella

So Spring is definitely nearly here, I just love the daffodils in my Buttercup jug and in the garden around the apple trees. Mother’s Day means we are there! Bella the Balancing Goose is ready for Mother’s Day with this new addition to my greeting cards specially for Mum. Also all of Allegoric’s goodies are posted out free of charge too! Bella the Balancing Goose Mother’s Day Card

Allegoric Jug Daffodils

Allegoric Buttercup the Balancing Cow Jug and Daffodils

Lots of lovely gifts for Mum too, Buttercup the Balancing Cow Jug is waiting for the flowers or milk or just to look great in the kitchen! Shop here

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